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Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Comb - Type A by GROOMY

Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Comb - Type A by GROOMY

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Fulfilled by our friends at GROOMY

Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Comb

Type A


Are you struggling to dry and brush your pet hair at the same time?






Use our "2 in 1 Pet Hair Dryer"

It will immediately solve the problem👌


Dog Hair Dryer & Brush Comb

Drying While Grooming: While your pet's coat is drying, you may simply remove matted hair and tangles from it. Combining a pet hair dryer with a hair comb brush will make drying your pet after washing much simpler.

Dog Hair Dryer & Brush Comb

Simply Press and Remove: The soft pins that make up the slicker brush have a protected tip with a little slant.

Dog Hair Dryer & Brush Comb

Lightweight & Portable - This pet hairdryer is portable, lightweight, and convenient to use when travelling.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are pet blow dryers worth it?

Yes, there are numerous reasons why our "Dog Hair Dryer & Brush Comb - Type A" is the ideal answer. You don't need to use the dryer and brush separately because the dryer has a brush! To get rid of furs while drying your dog, simply click the button.


Can I use a human hair dryer on dogs?

Although you can use your hair dryer, it can hurt your adorable pets. Dogs' skin is thinner than that of people, thus if the temperature is set too high, there will be more burn. So if you own a pet, you must have our "Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Comb" In order to dry your pets at the ideal temperature, the dryer is designed exclusively for dogs.


Why do we need to choose "Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Comb"?

While grooming your dog, you may quickly and quietly dry him off with a human hair dryer. It's crucial to dry them so they stay comfortable and content. As a pet owner, become a skilled groomer!

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